Personal Chef



Celebrations, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Romantic & Holiday Dinners, You Name It…

Sometimes it’s wonderful to feel like a pampered guest in one’s own home. Perhaps you’ve worked all week and are hosting a dinner party this weekend, or your family is visiting from out-of-town. Consider having Chef Darling prepare an unforgettable meal for you in the privacy of your own home! He and his team can come to your home, prepare and serve a gourmet meal with wine pairings, and then do all the clean up. No worries, all you need to do is relax and enjoy your own in-home celebration!

Here’s another idea:  How about your own private cooking class!

Ever host a dinner party and find all your guests congregating in the kitchen? Not that you could blame them. After all, why not go right to the source of good food and drink? Consider a “Party Class” in your kitchen! Just invite 2-10 friends or colleagues to your own private cooking party. Chef Darling will meet and work with you on designing your private class. Then the show begins as everyone ties on an apron and gets cooking! He will demonstrate a host of cooking techniques to unlock the “language of the recipe.” Once you’re done chopping, sautéing and pureeing, you’ll sit down to a sumptuous meal where we discuss the secrets revealed of the experience. After savoring the last bite, your guests will take home fabulous recipes and newfound cooking skills. What could be more fun?


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